For over 45 years, Clauger has used its expertise to provide industries with innovative and custom-built solutions regarding all types of markets:
* Dairy products
* Fresh and cured meat
* Fruits & vegetables
* Logistics / Cold Chain
* Pharmaceuticals
* Chemicals
* poultry

Clauger centralizes all its specific knowledge in installations and in services by offering products or solutions that correspond to today’s major issues (savings, energy consumption, etc.)

Fast Cooling and Cold Rooms

Fast cooling and incubation rooms are necessary for various types of production (dairy products, dairy made deserts, melted cheeses, cooked deli meats, etc.). This step consists in quickly cooling a variety of products, with or without overwrapping in a specific and optimized time.

This step can be achieved with continuous cooling tunnels and” Batch” cells.

Homogeneous products of equal quality, all year round

The control of the fast cooling process allows to improve the reliability of the factory’s production over time and guarantees the manufacturing of high quality products throughout the year.

Technically, the fast cooling process can be used through different technologies, for instance; cooling tunnels for a dynamic cooling process<> or fast cooling cells<> for a static cooling process.

The choice of the technology to be used will depend on the criterion established according to the current manufacturing process used at the factory and the type of product.

The fast cooling system process can be used for:
* Cooling products installed on pallets
* Cooling one product at a time
* Displacing pallets manually
* Automated pallet’s displacement
* Etc.

These technologies are adapted for packaging weighting less than 750 grams, enabling an interesting heat exchange.

Industrial equipment, the cooling tunnels and cooling cells are particularly designed for factories with production capacities of approximately 20 tons per day at minimum, hence approximately 40 pallets per day.

HEE Fast Cooling Tunnel

The fast cooling tunnel, technology to reduce cooling times for food products

Clauger developed fast cooling tunnels that ensure the continuous cooling of products.

These tunnels, as designed by Clauger, combine:
* An isolated crate made out of isotherm panels.
* A cooling system that includes a set of refrigerant exchange batteries and ventilation turbines.
* Sealing elements encouraging an air movement on the products
* A conveyor mechanic (roller, chain and belt conveyors.)
* The set is controlled by a regulatory automation designed by Clauger

The recent developments at Clauger focused on energy saving. They influenced Clauger to work on ventilation stations, on impermeability and on the controlling of the installations.

These improvements can be implemented on existing installations. They allow to reduce power consumption by up to 20%. Superior gains can be achieved when the facility operates at a reduced rate.

HEE Fast Cooling cells

Clauger developed equipments specific to the quick cooling of static products.

The cooling cell allows for an individualized management of the product cooling time adapted to production constraints.

The cells can be loaded manually or by stacker crane and be placed on the ground or on different levels.

The products may be stored in cardboard boxes, in plastic cases, overwrapped and conditioned with two crossing air directions.

A patented impermeability system improves the efficiency of the products cooling:
* The perfect impermeability on the pallets circumference
* A homogenous cooling of the products
* The optimization of the energy consumption

Clean Rooms

Clean-room technology and air-flow management

Clauger controls the air contamination risks and guarantees a level of dust accumulation, for sensitive environment, as wished by the client.

Clauger offers a variety of solutions allowing to ensure a specific result, while taking into account the specific constraints of each client.

* E-Streaming, Clauger application for air flow control.

E-Streaming is the Clauger air flow control application. It guarantees the protection of food products while controlling energy consumption. It is a quality tracking tool, helping to control the installation and save the energy.

E-Streaming allows:

* Quality monitoring through air contamination risk management
* System assistance through constant coherence of air flows with cascade forward movement of product processing
* Energy savings by limiting the quantity of fresh air under positive pressure necessary for the protection of manufacturing processes.

Instantly identifying, continuously tracking and optimization of air flow control in complete site:

1.Measure continuously, meet audit requirements (IFS / BRC) and Quality department needs:

* Ensure a measurement and traceability
* Realize corrective actions in real time, anticipate the risks
* Manage product risks

2. Optimize continuously:

During the installations operations and in case of needs, Clauger ensures the piloting of ventilation systems (blowing of fresh air under positive pressure / extraction of contaminated air) in order to limit energy consumption in real time.

Advantages and benefits:
Ensure the continuous identification and traceability of airflow streams while they are currently measured from time to time (directly during the audit)
Energy savings and operating costs:
* 50% reduction of total consumption of refrigerating or heating energy used to cool or heat the fresh air.
* Increasing (2 times) of filter life and reducing of energy consumption
* 50% reduction of filter replacement costs and the possibility to combine more efficient Clauger Eco-Filters with the EcoCTA Clauger for hygienic new air treatment and at high energy efficiency


It is imperative for manufacturers to control air contamination risks. Air flow control system:
* impacts the quality of products (best-before date, health risk)
* is strongly related to the sensibility of products and the plant process flows
* uses energy-consuming air treatment systems, which is potentially complicated to monitor

Clauger analyzed existing air flow control solutions in terms of technical implementation and control systems in order to confirm the performances.

It appears that the control is punctual (air flow control audits) and that there is no tracking tool to monitor flow streams at complete site and to ensure its traceability.

This is particularly critical in food processing plants where the premises are very slightly isolated due their activities and where products transfers are permanent, therefore not allowing pressures cascades measurement.

* EcoCTA: The polypropylene Air Handling Unit

Clauger launches its new Air Handing Unit: the EcoCTA. With this 100% Clauger new material, the company responds to the needs in air flow from 2000 m3/h to 18000 m3/h (1 200 CFM up to 12 000 CFM), adapted to the agri-food market.

Specific features:

* Circular shape.
* Manufactured in polypropylene (food grade plastic).

This new material has many advantages:

In terms of hygiene:

This central ensures optimal cleaning, as it has no angular profiles and all its welds are smooth. The circular structure allows the natural flow of the condensates and washing waters towards the evacuations, located in the bottom part of the equipment.

In terms of energy:
* Filtration conducted by the Clauger Eco Filters with low pressure drop and long life.
* Using a high-performance turbine with an EC motor and an integrated VLC.
* Adiabatic cooling with loose packing.

For the heat exchange function, a cooling solution, an adiabatic coil will be placed in the future in order to optimize the internal volume of the circular EcoCTA.

This technology is suitable for warm and dry climate countries (North Africa, Middle East, Central America).

* Insulated Air Conditioners Range

* Clauger offers a wide range of insulated air conditioners (polyester or stainless steel) designed to meet the specific requirements of a sensitive or aggressive environment.
* Their design guarantees an air hygiene of quality, when in contact with processed products and integrate itself perfectly to the client’s methods.
* We offer a range of air conditioners, going between 4,000 and 100,000 m3/h.
* Acting as an anti-thermal bridge, these insulated air conditioners are used on a wide range of temperature and hygrometry. They can be placed in the technical attics of the room to be treated.
* Products of elaborated design, these conditioners are accessible. Some of them are equipped with an automated cleaning system. Others are cleaned manually, with a foam gun.

* Air Diffusion Options

Air diffusion range

Clauger offers a wide range of air diffusion systems, which are an important feature in air quality management.

These systems are customized to respond to the air hygiene and safety requirements.

The air diffusion through textile ducts allows a homogeneous air movement (at low, medium or high speed), depending on the needs of the clients.

Fan wall: the fan walls allow a homogeneous air diffusion on full height and on a wide length. They can also be used as air returns.

Air diffusion through laminar flow: the DAL air diffusion systems are conceived to provide air by laminar flow to de-dusted workstations.

These systems, as conceived by Clauger, are equipped with an air distribution organ and with a diffusing cloth, ensuring a perfect laminarity.

* Cyclonic Conditioners Range

Cyclonic conditioners range

Clauger designs and manufactures a range of cyclonic air conditioners, enabling to:
* Treat and recycle the air
* Clean and filter the air
* Dehumidify
* Remove oil mist

With mechanic action, the cyclonic effect, combined with a high air speed limits the battery and the walls from clogging

The cyclonic exchanger characteristics:
* No filter
* No fins
* No condensation bin
* Cleanable