Form Fill Seal

Our Form-fill-seal machines use heat and air pressure to convert a plastic film into custom-formed cups that are then filled, sealed and cut. From single serve to packs, we provide solutions for basic to sophisticated recipes as well as for medium to large production volumes, thanks to our dosing expertise.

The versatility of our machines is a major consideration in project developments and management,  you have more project flexibility than any other company in the Form-Fill-Seal market.

Form fill seal cup fillers offer you the freedom to create any SKU you need, as well as multi-flavor or multi-product packs.

They provide a scalable solution that can be easily adapted to account for a significant increase in volume, or for new production needs such as new cup sizes, an additional product layer, new dosing of dry ingredients or a topper add-on.

Benefits of form-fill-seal machine include:

For all multipack requirements

Our form-fill-seal machines—along with our dosing and end-of-line expertise—allow us to produce any multipack needed to fulfill your marketing strategies.Capabillites include multi-flavour or multi-product packs for standard production or limited edition, transparent cups with partial labelling, new SKUs (1×2, 1×3) and more.

Premium unitary cups

Our form-fill-seal machines are also used by well-known brands to produce trend-setting premium single cups by utilizing all the options we offer, in terms of material, shape and decoration.

With the different levels of decontamination our machines offer, they can be used for all kinds of products (yogurt, custard, stewed fruits, jam, honey, hummus, vinegar, oil, etc.) packed in mini, individual or multi-serving sizes.

Get the design you want

Designers and engineers can help you increase the visibility of your product on the shelf, making use of new design and decoration possibilities such as tapered cups or conical labels. Contact us today to help you find the perfect form fill seal equipment for your needs.