Syrup rooms are designed and constructed for the preparation of syrups that will be used in the production of the final beverage.
Depending on a client’s requirements, the production capacity and type of process can be manual, semiautomatic or automatic.
By combining several technologies; systems for dissolving and mixing, storage tanks, and piping, syrup rooms cover the complete cycle for the preparation of the product that has to be delivered to the bottling stage
Made of stainless steel and equipped with top-quality components, these systems comply with all the hygienic and public health requirements for food and beverages.

Water Treatment

Water is the main element that is necessary for the preparation of all soft drinks.

We supply water treatment systems according to the demands and criteria of each client.

We cover:

Sand filters
Activated carbon filters
Cartridge microfiltration
Reverse Osmosis Systems
UV sterilization groups
Ozone sanitizing systems


Pasteurization consists of the microbiological stabilization of product through special heat treatment.

Correct pasteurization also reduces the preservatives that are necessary to ensure the product’s shelf life.

The microbial load in fruit drinks is related to the raw materials (contamination of the fruit and vegetables because of the ground, dust and cleaning water), the environment (confined air, structures, climatic factors, molds/yeasts, insects) and process hygiene (collection, transport, cleaning, transformation).

The main contaminating microorganisms are yeasts and molds, but there may also be bacteria (acetic acid, lactic acid and spore-forming). Pathogenic microorganisms are rarely found in juices and soft drinks because of the acidity.